Google makes us stupid!


Can I know anybody here who doesn’t use Google or internet? Not even a single person. Okay. So, I’m at the right place to talk about Google.

First of all, what is Google?

Google is where youth spends about 60% of the time. Google is where we find excessive information about the topics we love. Google is where we get entertained. Google is where we shop online. In fact, Google is everything. The more you Google it, the more you’re assumed to be proficient.

Yes, Google is everything because we really can’t survive at IBA if we don’t know how to use Google.

Google is everything because Google is the first word that a baby speaks nowadays.

Okay. Let’s come to the point. I’ll talk about the information and privacy provided to us by Google. Firstly, Goo1gle provides us with excessive information. Excessive to such extent that we hardly have our own thinking about any subject matter. It burdens us with mere information, gives us shallow knowledge and restricts us using our own minds. Tell me, when everyone knows that everything is already there, why should one panic and opt for the holistic and hectic approach. For instance, if we are assigned any reading and we are to critically analyze it, what most of us will do, including me, is just Google it and after about 30 minutes, we would ourselves the expertise of that particular topic. By the way, why should we read the entire two hour essay and then give extra time to connect the dots by ourselves when there is an easy approach available. But yes. If we want to be knowledgeable, we have to do something more than just collecting the information and as social sciences students we are in more need of it. The products that are ripe purely under Google are usually hollow. No offence people, but most of us have taken major chunks of our speeches from Google.

Also, please don’t get your smaller sisters or brothers pissed off while using Google. Please don’t destroy these last relics of our local cultures. Relics of being collectivist and harmonious.

Secondly, have you ever thought why Google and Facebook are entirely free? You never have to pay for using Facebook or Google. They have their own methods of earnings like advertisement. What is deceptive about all social websites and Google is they claim that we’re given agency, but in fact, we are people having least privacy in the history ever. I know it’s a big claim to digest but it’s just a give and take policy. They actually know our interests and use them for monetary interests that eventually suppresses our local culture and nadir our markets. We have got agency as concepts like freedom of expression and humanism evolved, but we are also netted in this web of having no privacy at all. Privacy at internet is just a deception.

If we look at the other side of the picture, we really can’t ignore the positive aspects of Google. About information, it provides us with opinions of different school of thoughts and broadens our perception. At social websites, we can make as many friends as we can.

What would be perfect regarding learning and knowledge is that we read the entire text and then for better understanding we can Google it and finally we should give some time to think of all the text in our own way. It would not only make us more knowledgeable but also the information received would be recalled for more time.


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